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Faq Page
  • What days/times are classes held?
    Stiletto Strut classes are typically held on Tuesdays 8:30pm-10pm, Strut School classes are Thursdays 8:30pm-10pm, and different pop up classes are held on Saturdays. (Always be sure to check the current schedule as scheduling may vary occasionally).There are other occasional pop up classes which include Sip & Strut, Adult Hip Hop, and Kids Hip Hop. Please refer to the Class Schedule tab for the class schedule.
  • Where are classes located?
    Physical classes are based out of Los Angeles, CA. Our current home studio location is: - Basement of NoHo 5259 Lankershim Blvd North Hollywood, CA 91601 (Always refer to the current schedule to see where classes will be held on any given day). To view the current schedule, visit the tab
  • How much are the group classes? How much are class packages? What is included in the class fee?
    All classes are $20 with different discounts available for class packages (please refer to the breakdown below of the different pricing options & all of it's perks! or CLICK HERE) All classes of course include the 1 hour or 1.5 hours group instruction and the opportunity to record yourself. Some classes such as Stiletto Strut & Strut School even include a complimentary glass of wine or champagne.
  • How do I track activity or remaining classes in a package?
    In order to easily view scheudling, store card information for faster chekout, and keep track of your remaining classes, you can create an online account on the homepage!
  • Do you offer online classes/tutorials?
    Yes, Strut LA has all three: online classes on demand (pre-recorded and available for download straight to your mobile phone, tablet, or computer). For more info, please view the Online Tutorials tab.
  • Are classes open to all levels?
    Stiletto Strut classes are designed for Intermediate/Advanced levels, Strut School classes are typically geared toward Introductory/Beginner levels, and H.I.I.T Hip Hop classes are for all levels, however, everyone is welcome to the class of their choice. Often times you will see a class that says "All Levels" and that means that the glass is catered everyone no matter if you take classes often or have never stepped foot inside of a dance studio. Please refer to the Group Classes tab for detailed info on which class is the best fit for you.
  • What do I need to bring? What attire should I wear? Are heels mandatory?
    Wear whatever you are most comfortable in. Be sure to bring water to stay hydrated. Heels are optional but if you do decide to use heels, it is recommended to bring boots/booties with plenty of ankle support. Try to avoid open toe heels. Also, bring knee pads if necessary for floor work movement.
  • How much for a private session? Is there a minimum/maximum # of participants?
    Please refer to the Private Sessions or Movement Coaching tabs for detailed price lists and information regarding participants.
  • If I need to cancel a class or private that I registered for, am I able to receive a refund? Does class credit expire?"
    Refunds are not available, however, class credit is available for any missed class or private if you cancel your registration BEFORE the start of class. Class credit expires 3 months from the purchase date (no exceptions) (ie if you purchase a class on January 1, 2020, it will expire April 1, 2020).
  • Can I pay cash in person instead of registering online?
    As a courtesy to the instructor and flow of class, we ask that everyone pre-pay online before coming to class to avoid interruption. If for some reason you're not able to pay online, please email
  • How late can I walk into class if I am running behind?
    Out of respect for the instructor and fellow students, there is a 15 min grace period allotted but we kindly ask that you don't interrupt class after that 15 min grace period is over.
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